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The AME (Asia Middle East) Management Trainee Program was established two years ago to help find and develop future leaders for G4S and our region.

Our AME Management Trainee Program was established two years ago, to help us find and develop future leaders for G4S and our region, and I have been a strong advocate of this program from the outset.

This program is helping us to develop our internal talent pool, to enable us to fill key management roles by promoting people from within. Building and developing a continuous pipeline of talent is essential for business growth in our region, which includes many emerging markets, and in particular, we hope to identify Country Managers of the future. (Indeed, many of my colleagues on our Regional Executive Team started their careers in similar roles).

I started out as a Management Trainee, and found it significantly assisted my career advancement. It prepared me for a career in management, and from a very early stage gave me exposure to senior people and an exciting range of real work-related situations, including problems that required quick thinking and action.

I am excited to welcome Annika, and we hope other young, upwardly mobile talent will join us. G4S offers some exciting career opportunities – with a diverse range of businesses and service lines in the Asia Middle East region, there are a broad range of job roles available across 30 countries. For Management Trainees this means the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills, gain unparalleled experience in different roles and within an MNC, and to work with people from different backgrounds, in different teams and at different levels.

I and other senior Execs in our region take a great interest in the development of our Management Trainees. So far the program has proved very successful, and we are looking forward to expanding it in 2016, to provide even more opportunities for young talent to join us from around the globe.



I joined G4S in August 2013 as the AME’s very first Management Trainee.  Prior to this, I had completed a Bachelor’s Degree and was looking to starting a new and exciting career in General Management. I chose G4S because of its’ culture, and promise of exposure to global opportunities throughout the business. It’s been nothing short of an unprecedented experience combining my desire for a strong corporate education, hands-on learning experiences, and a love for challenges and travel. You could say I was looking for a dime and found a dollar!

What did I achieve/accomplish from the program:

Over the course of this program, I’ve served in a variety of roles and projects across 10 different countries, cultures, time zones and languages throughout the Asia Middle East region. From managing cash processing centers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to performing market research in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, and analyzing pricing models in Melbourne, Australia, I’ve been given coaching and support to quickly familiarize myself with G4S’ culture and values, people, offerings and markets, through to how to develop actionable insights from complex data.

How did the program benefit me?

One of the most significant takeaways from this program was the exposure to expertise and mentorship while on assignments. This organization is filled with talented individuals, subject matter experts, and champions of industry, united in the mission to secure your world and increase our shareholder value. I’ve left the Management Trainee program inspired by their passion, with a phonebook full of new friends, many now lifelong mentors, whom I can call on for support and advice at any time.

Where am I now?

I’m now an Operations Manager seconded to our Cash Business in Jakarta, Indonesia, where I am in charge of driving permanent improvements in branch, fleet, and process operations that will result in optimized, sustainable performance across the cash businesses.