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Name: Luke Casey
Job Title: Correctional Officer
Year of Hire: 2000


Why did you join G4S?

Great Job opportunity to work in a very challenging and rewarding environment.


What makes G4S a great place to work?

The staff all work together and support each other in what is a very challenging work environment. Also being able to make a difference in the life of a prisoner who wants to change his old me reoffending behaviours in prison so he does not reoffending in the community and to be able to assist him with the tools to not reoffend.


Describe a typical day in your current role?.


In my Current role as the Disability Unit Coordinator at Fishburn West I help all the prisoners with an Intellectual Disability find work in the factory’s and the Horticulture Program in Marlborough unit. I have enrolled the ID prisoners in various programs and activities. I Liaise with Michelle Enbom Disability Unit Coordinator Marlborough unit and Department of Health and Human Services Caseworkers in the Community in regards to the ID prisoners in Fishburn West Unit. I also Conduct Case Management Review’s and Induction Case Management Reviews with all the ID prisoners.


When you’re not at work what do you enjoy doing?

I am a Passionate Collingwood Supporter and I attend every game when they are playing in Melbourne. I also play tennis on a regular basis and have been playing tennis since I was 9 years old. I also enjoy spending time with family and friends.


What advice would you give to someone applying for a job at G4S?

Always listen and observe how staff work. Always ask questions If you are not sure all the staff at Port Phillip Prison are always happy to help, Your job can be a very challenging but also a very rewarding Job.