Rasha Fawakhiri

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Name: Rasha Fawakhiri
Job Title: Regional Marketing Manager – G4S Middle East
Year of Hire: 2011

Why did you join G4S? What makes G4S a great place to work?

Because it’s a multinational company where I can learn best practices from the leaders in the industry. I am blessed with management that have an open mind and welcome innovation. This allows me to initiate new projects and witness their transition from concept to creation

Describe a typical day in your current role?

I travel every now and then to meet the Middle East country offices specifically during trade shows we’re participating in, seminars we’ve organised or annual marketing planning periods. My role varies from marketing communications (setting photo shoots at key client venues, to developing regional email marketing campaigns, to arranging logistics for the largest regional security trade RF_STATEMENTshows) to market research (dealing with third party research companies on gathering intelligence for key service lines) to Business to Government (B2G) activities (organising events with leading trade bodies to retain our thought leadership role in the market) to managing annual corporate social responsibility campaigns across the region. There really is no typical day in this role but that’s a part of what makes it exciting.

What career opportunities and training have you experienced so far during your time at G4S?

I started with G4S as a Marketing and Communications Manager for the Jordan office and over a year later was promoted to Marketing & Communications Manager for the Middle East region, fairly new role in G4S at a sub-regional level. I am currently enrolled in my first ever Emerging Leaders Development Programme along with 14 peers that have been nominated from across the Middle East offices. The year long programme allows participants to experience a range of development activities to help them understand their potential and to create self awareness. So far, I can say it has been quite a personal experience because it engages us in terms of changing certain habits and tendencies that we may have been practicing for over 10 years

When you’re not at work what do you enjoy doing?

Sports, beach, creative writing and art. I am also a Committee Member of the Business Marketing Association (BMA) Middle East chapter, which takes up a good amount of my time

What advice would you give to someone applying for a job at G4S?

Given the large operation of G4S, it would be worth visiting the corporate website and getting acquainted with the breadth of services and solutions the company currently provides in the Middle East