Khalid Baghdadi

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Name: Khalid Baghdadi
Job Title: Managing Director – almajal G4S
Year of Hire: 2012

Why did you join G4S? What makes G4S a great place to work?

I started my career with a multinational organization (Unilever) and moved on with local companies large and medium sized. After considering different options back end of 2011, I was convinced that almajal G4S is a great combination of a local, solid, mature company mixed with G4S unique international expertise in security, would add to my experience as much as I can add to it from the local prospective. G4S value extends beyond sector experience to excellence in developing, sharing and then implementing best practices which is a big challenge across Saudi. Governance and control are one side of the coin while keeping in mind excellence in delivering service quality is the complementing side.

Describe a typical day in your current role?

Every day presents its new challenges and our days here as a team are as dynamic as the market we operate in as well as the dynamism of the group we work for. I am always keen on having as little emails in my inbox as possible, so I can be clear in the back of my mind for the daily challenges. Technology makes it easier as I clear most of the quick action emails during the whole day even at home. These are the typical parts of the day in terms of process, but not content.
The rest of my working day is usually less typical as managing two totally different businesses, such as Security and Facility Management operations, makes the challenges even more diverse, which I find energizing. Customer meetings, government official visits, operational meetings, one to one individual meetings among many other things makes every day unique.
The only typical thing that I try to always discipline is my eating habits as it starts with a banana and plenty of water followed later on by a healthy sandwich mid-morning. Salad for an early lunch followed later by some dates a couple of hours before going home for supper. Small, but multiple portions during the day keeps me going!

What career opportunities and training have you experienced so far during your time at G4S?

My career with G4S has been for 2 years only and although I look forward at different challenges in the future I still think that Saudi Arabia has much more potential to develop this year. On the training front, every conference I attended within G4S, Global or regional, added to me a lot in terms of applying best practices, learning from others, operational control, etc… this has been my school of development lately.

When you’re not at work what do you enjoy doing?

I have disciplined myself to wake up at 5:30 am on Fridays and sometimes on Saturdays, Saudi weekend is Fri & Sat, to take out my motorbike for an early morning ride by the beach. For me this is 2 hours of a true relief, offloading all the week and rejuvenating for anew week of new challenges. During the week on daily basis I go back home to spend time with my wife and kids first. When the kids are asleep my week would range between watching my favorite classic car shows or some comedy shows as well as going out with my wife and/or friends.

What advice would you give to someone applying for a job at G4S?

G4S offers much more than a job. It combines a career growth opportunity beyond any country’s borders as well as a system that enhances your capabilities in developing yourself and the environment you work in. you have to be open for new ideas and always willing to challenge any idea to develop it further. Keep this in mind walking into your interview and then again apply it when you get the job.